RSD Opening Hours : 8.00am to 6.00pm           


Its back! Record Store Day 2022 takes place on Saturday 23rd April with our doors opening at 8.00am

Details of the exclusive vinyl releases are now available on the RSD Website. Of course we will not stock every listing. As usual we will focus on lines that we feel our customers will want and any feedback as to what people like on the list is welcome; but, of course, most of these releases are very volume limited and

must be sold on a first come first served basis.

This year the worldwide capacity problems at Vinyl Pressing Plants will no doubt impact on RSD supplies and any that do not arrive in time will be available from Saturday 18th June.

We will post more detail later, with the price list probably coming out in early April when we know what stock we have been allocated.

RSD is an important day for Indie Record Stores like us. Only full time Specialist Stores can participate. Indie Stores have historically flown the flag for Vinyl even during the years when chain stores and other were bailing out and threatening the very existence of physical product. Join us to celebrate the day.


All stock and prices are subject to change

Please keep to the new and RSD stock sections while there is a queue