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Record Store Day 2023 - 22/04/2023 Update

Thank you to everyone who gave us a wish-list. Independent Stores like ours do not get sale or return facilities from distributors like certain high street chains and Internet sellers; we are stuck with what we do not sell and so your steer on what we should spend our budget on is invaluable.
In the event it looks like we will have something like 625 pieces of vinyl covering 215 individual titles. We hope this will give you a good selection and something for everybody.

Not everything has arrived yet, but here is our price list. Record labels have put up new vinyl prices a lot this last year; as most of our customers will know; and RSD releases are no exception; but we will plan to be at the bottom end of the market overall, price-wise. We hope this helps a bit at least.

This does mean that we have to sell a greater % of our stock to break even; so please come down!
If you have any queries, just ring us, (at the moment we are a bit slow answering emails).
Internet Sellers are allowed to sell online from 8pm on Monday 24th April; so to help you avoid this sorry fate we will be open on Sunday and Monday (10am to 3pm) so that you can actually get your hands on our remaining stock.
And just to repeat:


1)    We open on RSD Saturday at 8am. Could early- arrivers be reasonably quiet so as not to alarm some of the locals.

2)    If there is a queue behind you, could you try and focus on RSD stock and try to do your business within about 15 minutes. There will be ample time, later on in the day, to return and browse at your leisure.

3)    To start with, it is one copy of any individual release per customer or customer group (no limit on number of releases within reason). This may change as things quieten down later on.

4)    In relation to 3); Ed or John decide what is reasonable etc.

5)    SnapBlades will play their new EP release on Vinyl Eddie Records at 9.30am and 12 noon. The EP; “Cheap and Nasty” is a snip at £15. Please buy one at the counter when you bring your RSD haul up for payment.

Record Store Day at Vinyl Eddie is usually good fun. Lots of you guys will know each other from previous years and if we all work hard at being friendly and patient, I am sure this year will be no exception. I think the range of stuff available is better than it has been for a couple of years; so lets all pray to the weather gods for sunshine and have a spiffing time.

Your Independent Friend



Just a quick note everybody.

This year’s list of exclusive indie shop releases is now published on the RSD website:


Most people know the score, having taken part in this iconic event for many years but we are getting a number of contacts from people who are new to RSD (which is great) and so we thought a quick outline of how RSD operates at our end would help.


Basically, we have to put our orders in to the various distributors who supply these records as soon as possible (and at the latest around mid-march in most cases). There are several hundred different records available for order and because they are bought and paid for in advance with no return of non-sold items; a big majority of Indie shops do not stock every item, either because of the sheer upfront cost and /or the likelihood that some will not sell to their customer base.


This is why we ask for wish-lists from people. This gives us some steer on what to order. For the next week or so, John and I go through the wish-lists and pore over the RSD list to see what to order.

A lot of these exclusives are just that; exclusive, and thus demand usually exceeds supply and we get less than we ask for.


This is why people usually queue from early on the day to secure these rarer items. Remember, RSD rules forbid pre-ordering vinyl and items are sold on a first come, first served basis.

About two weeks after our orders go in (early April), we get to know what we have been allocated by our various distributors (a science known only to themselves). We can then start working out pricing; knowing what mix of highly sellable and not so sellable stuff we have been allocated (we try to get records across a wide range of styles).


We are only sure what we have to sell when they actually arrive; and this is usually in the last week or so before the big day. (Pressing plant delays; postal strikes, staff shortages etc etc).

When the stuff is here, we put out a price list (rather than blag it and hope things turn up).


This year looks a good one to us in terms of what is on offer and I think we will order around 150 lines (roughly 700 items).

We then hope you lovely people turn up and the rain does not.

Snapblades will be doing a set or two for your entertainment and their new EP will be on the racks too. So, as things stand you can help us help you with your wish-lists.


Hope this helps.


See you soon.



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